Do you invest or trade in the Indian Stock Market?


Are you inspired by the big Indian investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Porinju Veliyath , and others?


Do you want to know which stocks these big investors are buying or selling?


How? You ask?


Well you can track the actions of these big investors by using the StockEdge Mobile Application.


How to do that?


This write up will help you to know how to use the StockEdge App to track the actions of big Indian investors in a simple and quick manner.

What is StockEdge Application?


StockEdge Application is India’s leading mobile application which is completely focused on Indian Equity Market Research and Analytics.


It is primarily based on BSE and NSE Data.


Stockedge has data analytics feature in  the form of technical and fundamental criterias which enables an user to do his own research after the market has closed.


It will help the traders and investors in the Indian Stock Market to take improved decisions by giving them stunning day-end analytics, superb visualisations, useful alerts on the mobile app  in a highly personalised and customized environment.

If you are looking for knowledge of the Indian Stock Markets, Stock Edge will help you with that too via its Learn section.

Do I have to pay for using the StockEdge Application?

The basic features of StockEdge are free.


But if you are looking for fundamental scans and want the combinations scan feature then you have to subscribe  to the app.

How can I get the StockEdge App?

If you are an android user, you can download the app from Google Play Store

If you are an iOS user, you can download the app from Apple Store


How can you track the actions of Big Indian Investors by using StockEdge Application?


While tracking the actions of big Indian investors you may often find several similar named investors.


This happens due to inherent problems in the data collection methods used by the companies and the exchanges.


So how to solve this problem?


How do you know which of these similar named investors to follow or do you follow all of them ?


If so , how to know what all of them are doing at a single point in time?


StockEdge Application has the answer to your questions.


You can use it’s unique feature: My Investor Group to know the actions of a group of Investors at a single point in time.


Just follow the following steps to use the My Investor Group feature of StockEdge:


Step 1: Go to My StockEdge.Login to your Account.


Step 2: Go to My Investor’s Group.




Step 3: Add  the name of the investor whose group you want to make.





Step 4: Now add all the relevant similar named investors to the group.


You can create as many investor groups as you want.






Step 5: Now go to the group of investors whose actions you want to track.


You will be able to see the consoldiated actions of this similar group of investors  under : Bulk Deals, Block Deals and Insider Deals.



Step 6:: You can also check out whether this group of investors have changed their shareholding patterns (i.e increased or decreased ) in different companies as compared to the previous quarter in percentage terms by clicking on a particular company name.






As we can see from the above image: there has not been any substantial change in the shareholding of the example  investors group in Titan Company in 2018 first quarter as compared to the fourth quarter of 2017.



If any big investor has substantially increased or decreased their holdings in any particular company one should keep a close watch on such a company and then make their trading or investment decision accordingly.


Want to know more about how to use StockEdge Application to track the activities of Big Indian Investors? Watch the video below:





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You can track all the major actions of the big Indian Investors in a very short time span and with little effort and in a very easy way by using the StockEdge App.


Before undertaking any action in the stock market, do your own research and don,t follow anyone blindly.