I was busy with my exams and all.So couldn’t update on my new positions.Just when I thought the market was trending down, the market bounced back.And so is my positions.Just one or two days after my last post, I bought Apex frozen food again.And again sold them at a higher price as I am not comfortable with the valuation of Apex frozen food.And another reason being, I more than doubled my money on it within a short period of time.

I also bought Nocil at 140.I am holding it for now. Current market price is 182.

I also bid on the IPOs of MAS financial services and Godrej Agrovet. Unfortunately, I was not allotted any stocks.Both made good listing gains recently.

My pick for Samvat 2074 will be Maan Aluminum.I already bought shares of Maan Aluminum yesterday and planning to buy some more at Muhurat trading session today.

Maan Aluminium is posting impressive numbers and I am of the opinion that it will double from here within a short period of time. And if you are willing to hold it for 1 or 2 years, you will get multi-bagger returns on it.

Do you remember my stock pick Gilada finance?

I bought it at 23 in huge quantity. It is a risky investment as the company is small. Now it is trading at 52.I am expecting it to give multibagger returns in long term.I am planning to hold it for the long term. Good money is made only when you are able to pick stocks when the valuation is low.

And for Diwali, I would like to wish you and your family a peaceful, prosperous and happy year ahead.