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Bajaj Auto might get approval for Quadricycle Qute

There are chances that Bajaj Auto might get approval for the Quadricycle Qute this year. If it does get approved, it might be a great product which everyone will love to buy.

How to buy Bitcoin in India

In this post, I will write step by step on How to buy Bitcoin in India. Many people were asking me on WhatsApp about buying Bitcoin. Some were even saying that they cannot afford a Bitcoin as it is too… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin new safe heaven for hedge funds

The stock market could crash and most of the hedge funds may park their money in bitcoins. Yep, you heard that right. Such is the craze of Bitcoin. Today it moved passed 4000 dollars. Some people are saying that it… Continue Reading →

The new gold ‘cryptocurrency’

Most one of us have heard about bit coins, right? No! Then it is time to hear about it! You had already missed the opportunity of buying bitcoins when it was available for pennies. Latest high was 3000$! So it… Continue Reading →

Porinju Veliyath Portfolio Holdings

Most of us know the portfolio manager at Equity Intelligence. He regularly comes on Zee Business, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Sometimes he names a stock and immediately the stock jumps. Sometimes ending with no sellers! Now the question that arises in our mind… Continue Reading →

Learn three trading strategies along with money management

I know many of you want to trade and make quick money trading stocks. But those of you who have tried their luck knows how hard it is to trade and make money consistently. Without a proper plan and set… Continue Reading →

Some stocks in which I invested recently at these high levels

While I am not particularly bullish about the current overvalued situation in the Indian stock market, I thought it will be unwise not to invest and stay in cash. I bought a few stocks recently at these high levels and… Continue Reading →

Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio 2017

Dolly Khanna and Rajiv Khanna are among the ace investors of Dalal Street. They jointly made a lot of wealth by investing in multi-bagger stocks. There were a lot of ups and downs in their journey. But they made a  huge… Continue Reading →

Bulk deals on NSE and BSE website can be a boon for you. Are you using it?

Recently while researching for ways to find the deals of stock made by Ace investors, I came to know about bulk deals. It will be a surprise to know but you can actually peek into the buy and sell orders… Continue Reading →

Vijay Kedia Portfolio Holdings – Success Story of Vijay Kedia

Vijay Kedia was born in the family of stockbrokers. He was 14 years old when his father died. He started his stock market career at the age of 18 years as a compulsion rather than for making money to support… Continue Reading →

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