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Bajaj Auto might get approval for Quadricycle Qute

There are chances that Bajaj Auto might get approval for the Quadricycle Qute this year. If it does get approved, it might be a great product which everyone will love to buy.

Demonetization & Capital gain tax: What the heck is Modi doing?

Demonetization and then now hinting on higher tax rates on Long-term capital gains.What the heck is PM Narendra Modi doing? In the present situation, it is legitimate to ask these questions as these will take the stock market very down…. Continue Reading →

Market is so volatile now:What to do?

Everyone was of the view that Clinton will win the election. But as I wrote in my previous blog post that there is a big chance that Trump will win the election, and he did. This surprised many. Markets are always wrong… Continue Reading →

SEBI ki dadagiri

Well SEBI has come up with a proposal of banning all stock recommendations through social media, Blog(Just like mine though it’s free),WhatsApp,SMS,facebook or any other online platform.Though it might look like dada Giri of SEBI as several of us reacted… Continue Reading →

Ease of doing business.Really?

It is a kind of a shock for the followers of Narendra Modi and for those who believe in him.Despite all his propaganda of Make in India project and decreasing the number of old regulations to ease business operations, India’s… Continue Reading →

Get ready for the upcoming storm

Going forward the market will be very volatile.You probably know about the upcoming US presidential election on 9th November. No matter who is going to win the election, there will be 5% swing in the market. There is little doubt… Continue Reading →

Story of Timothy Sykes

Well for the last few days I was going through a blog that Timothy Sykes has built.This guy Timothy Sykes is making millions out of his blog, believe it or not.Well if you want proof then here is the link of Forbes… Continue Reading →

Samvat 2073

Hi, everyone!! How was your mahurat trading today?Did you place an order for any stock?It is said that it provide good luck to those who trade on the occasion of Muhurat trading. Do you remember those stocks that I recommended… Continue Reading →

Share Bazar blues: Nifty breaks 8550

Nifty has broken its crucial support of 8550. From the opening of the market, it was clear that Nifty was in pressure.Though it opened in green but it failed to sustain the opening level.The signs were clear in its morning… Continue Reading →

Stock Market Crash in 2016 is coming Shortly!!

As in our previous post, we have already warned our readers about a possible stock market crash in 2016 and to stay cautious , in this post we are asking our readers to book profits as we are probably really… Continue Reading →

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