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Share Bazar blues: Nifty breaks 8550

Nifty has broken its crucial support of 8550. From the opening of the market, it was clear that Nifty was in pressure.Though it opened in green but it failed to sustain the opening level.The signs were clear in its morning… Continue Reading →

Stock Market Crash in 2016 is coming Shortly!!

As in our previous post, we have already warned our readers about a possible stock market crash in 2016 and to stay cautious , in this post we are asking our readers to book profits as we are probably really… Continue Reading →

Stock market could crash due to Deutsche Bank

Do you know the story of the Deutsche Bank?Do you know the present situation of this large European Bank?If you are invested in the stock market then you should know because it may be next trigger of the financial crisis…. Continue Reading →

Shrenuj share price target analysis in coming future

I personally had brought many shares of Shrenuj , the 110 years old diamond company at price band of Rs.4 to Rs.5. The Shares of Shrenuj which was previously oversold because of the decrease in margin and losses was increasing… Continue Reading →

Jio preview offer too good to resist

For the last few days, I have been wondering if I could grab a reliance Jio SIM with unlimited voice call and 4G internet for 90 days. As I don’t own any of the specified phones of reliance in which… Continue Reading →

Stock market panic

There is a general Idea that people loose all their money in Stock Market. Some come to roads after losing all their money. This Idea is so firm that they will not even rethink. They will give examples of people… Continue Reading →

Is the stock market going to crash?

Before answering the above question,let us go through the data available to us.I went through the internet myself and googled ‘stock market crash’.And many of sites popped up.Many were very interesting. On one  of the articles having the title’Something just… Continue Reading →

Buy Shrenuj and co. as a risky investment

Shrenuj has been showing excellent strength for the last many days. In fact, it has now become very difficult to enter this share.Since it’s lows of 2.24 per share on 27th May 2016,it has been rising continuously. As of now… Continue Reading →

Tree House shares plunges as investors are dumping off their positions

  The Shares of Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd plunged and being hammered daily after posting the worst result for the financial year 2016.The revenue from operation was 209 cr.The Profit after tax dropped to the levels of 6.78 crs… Continue Reading →

Top dividend paying stocks

Every successful investor wants stable returns from their portfolio.So we are here listing top dividend-paying stocks for your convenience.Though there are a lot of companies which pay a good amount of dividend, but consistency is very important.We will list the… Continue Reading →

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