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Samvat 2074 pick and position update

I was busy with my exams and all.So couldn’t update on my new positions.Just when I thought the market was trending down, the market bounced back.And so is my positions.Just one or two days after my last post, I bought… Continue Reading →

Is it the end of Bull market?

This is the biggest question now.Is it the end of the bull market? According to me, it might be.We might see a good correction. The NIFTY is trading currently at a very high valuation for a long time.On the earnings… Continue Reading →

Apex Frozen Foods IPO Analysis

Apex Frozen Foods IPO is opening today. Simply one suggestion: Go for it. I like the business. It supplies ready to cook frozen sea foods to food companies, retail chains, restaurants, club stores and distributors of USA, UK and various… Continue Reading →

China Debt Crisis: Will the bubble burst?

Picture courtesy: DNA India The next market crash could be due to China. The second largest economy after America. And it will hit all of a sudden! This is because of the country’s shadow banking system. An analyst named Charlene… Continue Reading →

Bajaj Auto might get approval for Quadricycle Qute

There are chances that Bajaj Auto might get approval for the Quadricycle Qute this year. If it does get approved, it might be a great product which everyone will love to buy.

Some stocks in which I invested recently at these high levels

While I am not particularly bullish about the current overvalued situation in the Indian stock market, I thought it will be unwise not to invest and stay in cash. I bought a few stocks recently at these high levels and… Continue Reading →

Demonetization & Capital gain tax: What the heck is Modi doing?

Demonetization and then now hinting on higher tax rates on Long-term capital gains.What the heck is PM Narendra Modi doing? In the present situation, it is legitimate to ask these questions as these will take the stock market very down…. Continue Reading →

Shrenuj New Update

As you may know that we suggested Shrenuj as good but risky investment in our blog.There is an update for those who had taken our suggestion.We had already said that the company had a good chance from recovering from its… Continue Reading →

Market is so volatile now:What to do?

Everyone was of the view that Clinton will win the election. But as I wrote in my previous blog post that there is a big chance that Trump will win the election, and he did. This surprised many. Markets are always wrong… Continue Reading →

SEBI ki dadagiri

Well SEBI has come up with a proposal of banning all stock recommendations through social media, Blog(Just like mine though it’s free),WhatsApp,SMS,facebook or any other online platform.Though it might look like dada Giri of SEBI as several of us reacted… Continue Reading →

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