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10 common mistakes traders make

Often the psychological aspect of a trade is overlooked.Understanding the psychology of trading goes a long way than learning the trading techniques itself. The techniques of trading are simple.But why then everyone out there are successful traders who all learn… Continue Reading →

All about short selling stocks

What is short selling? Short selling is selling an underlying security first which the Short seller doesn’t own.The short seller has to borrow the security from a broker. The Short seller bets that the price of the underlying security will… Continue Reading →

Insights from Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

For the last few days, I was reading the book Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.Although the book is full of good information from the massive experience of the writer but the main information that I came across while reading the… Continue Reading →

How to invest in stocks for dummies

So you are among those who want to invest in stocks but clueless of where to begin ya? You probably searched a lot but ended up with results which are aligned to you right? They seemed to be more advanced… Continue Reading →

Investors make money, traders make money but speculators don’t

I know of a trader who is making lakhs per month and I also know of an investor who made lakhs and crores by investing on value picks.Although they earn from the same market but their styles of earning are… Continue Reading →

Investors beware of buying and selling securities frequently

There are two types of people in the stock market.One is an investor and other is a trader( stock trading vs investing ) . But the confusion between the two terms exists and we don’t know what we are actually. An investor… Continue Reading →

Stock market panic

There is a general Idea that people loose all their money in Stock Market. Some come to roads after losing all their money. This Idea is so firm that they will not even rethink. They will give examples of people… Continue Reading →

Hedge against inflation

Want to hedge against inflation? Today I was going through the book the intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.It is widely regarded as the bible of the stock market.What is written on it about inflation and its effects  on various asset classes… Continue Reading →

Technical analysis

What is technical analysis Technical analysis is a tool by means of which traders make a profit in the stock market and investors can choose right entry and exit point in the stock market.Without technical analysis trading stocks profitably is… Continue Reading →

What is share market

Stocks are issued by companies to raise capital for business.In turn the investors of the stocks get a part of the business owned by a company.So why does companies want to let others to make profit out of their companies… Continue Reading →

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