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Fundamental analysis

Do you know how to measure the valuation of a company?

We know that for making money in stocks, it is essential to measure the valuation of the company. But the question that arises is we talk about valuations all the time, but how to measure it? In this post, I… Continue Reading →

How to make money investing when everything is uncertain

I was reading a poem of Tom Zart about uncertainty, doubt and fear recently. Impressed by it I am sharing with you. Along with fear there’s always doubt and uncertainty Of whom or what we should follow and believe. The… Continue Reading →

A step by step guide on when to buy stocks using Google finance

Ever wondered how professional investors buy stocks? They do not buy stocks in Impulse.Just like holding the stock needs patience for an investor, the same applies for buying too.They do not jump to buy the stock at a high price.Rather… Continue Reading →

Insights from Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

For the last few days, I was reading the book Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.Although the book is full of good information from the massive experience of the writer but the main information that I came across while reading the… Continue Reading →

Investors make money, traders make money but speculators don’t

I know of a trader who is making lakhs per month and I also know of an investor who made lakhs and crores by investing on value picks.Although they earn from the same market but their styles of earning are… Continue Reading →

Investors beware of buying and selling securities frequently

There are two types of people in the stock market.One is an investor and other is a trader(¬†stock trading vs investing )¬†. But the confusion between the two terms exists and we don’t know what we are actually. An investor… Continue Reading →

The intelligent Investor Book review

A few days ago I got delivery of the book ‘The intelligent Investor’ from amazon.This book was written by Benjamin Graham.This is considered as the Bible of the stock market.This book is read by every successful investor both past and… Continue Reading →

Top dividend paying stocks

Every successful investor wants stable returns from their portfolio.So we are here listing top dividend-paying stocks for your convenience.Though there are a lot of companies which pay a good amount of dividend, but consistency is very important.We will list the… Continue Reading →

Value Investing part-2

Read value investing part 1 before reading this. How to find the value of a stock in its financial report and balance sheet? Financial reports are published annually as well as quarterly. These are available on the company website if… Continue Reading →

Value Investing part-1

Value investing is the habit of purchasing stocks which are undervalued at the present moment.These are like discounts in the market.For example, if the rate of the certain product is Rs.100 and you are getting the product at a rate… Continue Reading →

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