Many people are willing to buy other coins that are available other than the Bitcoin. These other coins are known as Altcoins. But they don’t know how to buy Altcoins in India.

In this article, I will tell you how I buy Altcoins.

First of all, you need to create an account on Unocoin or Zebpay. Simply download the app of Unocoin or Zebpay.

If you want some free coins initially, then you can use these referral codes:

  • Unocoin:U252280
  • Zebpay:REF25587330

Then recharge the bitcoin wallet with the amount that you want to buy altcoins for.

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Update: Considering that buying coins other than Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin is risky, and you may lose a lot of money in other Altcoins, I will first show you how to Buy Ethereum and Litecoin on CoinBase.

I recommend you to only invest your money in Ethereum and Litecoin through coinbase. I am showing you the steps to do it. Later on the steps to buy other coins are shown with the help of Bittrex.

Create  an account on Coinbase with the help of the following link:

You will get 10$ worth of free bitcoins by using the above link. When done creating an account on Coinbase, login to your coinbase account.

Step 1:Now go to accounts through the menu as shown below in the screenshot.

Step 2:Then go to the BTC Wallet as shown below in the screenshot.

Step 3:Then tap on Receive as shown in the screenshot.


Step 4:Then tap on Show Address as shown below.


Step 5:Copy that address generated.

Step 6:Now go to Zebpay or Unocoin from where you bought your coins. Now send those purchased bitcoins to the address copied already.

I am showing it through Zebpay below:


Step 7:Now when you received your coins on Coinbase, you can convert those bitcoins into Ethereum and Litecoin by going to buy/sell on the menu.

If you want to buy coins other than Ethereum and Litecoin, you can follow the steps below.


Create an account on I am going to share with you the mobile screens to make it easier.

When done creating an account on Bittrex, you need to transfer your newly purchased bitcoin to bittrex.

Now how will you transfer?

Simply login into your bittrex account.

Then simply go to Wallets as shown below:

How to buy altcoins in India

Then the following screen will open:

How to buy altcoins in India

Then click on the positive sign beside BTC.

Then the following screen will pop up:

How to buy altcoins in India

Simply copy the wallet address that is generated on Bittrex. Note that you need to generate only BTC address, not any other coin address.

Then you need to send the Bitcoins purchased on Zebpay or Unocoin to this address.

I will show you how to send the coins. Simply open the Unocoin or Zebpay wallet app.

Then click on Send bitcoins on either of the App as shown:

How to buy altcoins in India

How to buy altcoins in India

Then fill in the bitcoin address from Bittrex and the amount that you want to send as shown:

How to buy altcoins in India

How to buy altcoins in India

Then simply send the coins. I have done this on Unocoin and the transaction is usually completed in 30 minutes. First the Bitcoins go to pending deposit.Then after confirmation, the coins shows up in the wallet.

Now you want to exchange those Bitcoins to Altcoins.

Simply go to the Bittrex Homepage as shown and search for the Altcoin that you want to buy.In my example I am choosing to buy Verge coin as shown:

How to buy altcoins in India

Then click on the coin after the search.Then the following window opens as shown:

How to buy altcoins in India

Simply fill in the price at which you want to buy and the quantity of Altcoins that you want to buy against the Bitcoins and then press buy.

Then conform the order again.The order will be filled up if the bid price matches the market price.

Congratulations! You bought your Altcoin.

Now you can either leave your Altcoins on Bittrex exchange or you can transfer them to an Altcoin wallet that is available for your Altcoin.

To transfer the Altcoins to your Altcoin wallet, you need to go to Wallets on Bittrex. Your Altcoin will be visible here. Then tap on the negative sign beside the Altcoin. Simply fill in the Altcoin address of your Altcoin wallet and the number of coins that are to be sent and tap send.

A confirmation Email will come in your registered Email Id. Confirm the transaction. The coins will be sent to your wallet.