There are chances that Bajaj Auto might get approval for the Quadricycle Qute this year. If it does get approved, it might be a great product which everyone will love to buy.

They introduced auto rickshaw in 1961 and since then, it has sold millions of pieces. The official website of Bajaj Auto says that they have about 50 lakh vehicles of Auto rickshaw on the roads.

Initially when the auto rickshaw was launched, people were reluctant to travel on it. Similar might be the case with Quadricycle. It is currently not being permitted since 2015 as it failed the safety test for cars.

But Bajaj Auto argues that it is not an actual car, it is a safer upgrade of Auto rickshaw.

The MD of the company Rajiv Bajaj said:

If your innovation in the country depends on government approval or judicial process, it will not be a case of ‘Made in India’, but ‘Mad in India’,” Bajaj had said earlier this year. “After five years, we are still waiting for permission to sell our four-wheeler in the country.

The company is also working to develop an electric qute.

Source: Bloomberg Quint

Now, according to me, the launch of the Quadricycle qute might be the next big thing.

Who knows Indian roads might be filled up with Qute.

If the project gets launch approval, Bajaj Auto is a buy. And as Bajaj said that they are also working on electric qute, this will keep them in business for a long time. So keep an eye on the launch of Qute.