I suggested bidding on Apex frozen food IPO.I myself bid on one lot of Apex frozen food and fortunately, I was allotted one lot of Apex frozen food.

Since its listing, it is hitting upper circuit for the last 4 days in a row due to excessive demand.The demand will be high because this sector is in the boom. They are processing and supplying shrimps in International markets.

In this space, Avanti Feed is a multi-bagger.So everyone wants to invest on Apex frozen food.And the interesting thing is that Apex frozen food will employ the raised capital to increase its present capacity to three times.

As the demand of the products is high, the margins are going to be high. So keeping this in mind, it is a good investment. If you bid on the IPO as per my recommendation, my suggestion will be to hold it for long-term.

It could be a multi-bagger and could possibly be the next Avanti feed.

P.S.I deserve a treat from those who bid on my recommendation and allotted shares of Apex.