My name is Kuntal Banerjee.I am from Murshidabad district of West Bengal.If you are not from India, then I will like you to know that West Bengal is a state in India.

I am from a middle-class family.My goal in life is to make a lot of money and retire as fast as possible.Of course I have other goals too.

I am also a follower of Osho.The real truth of life without any distortion is expressed by him.I don’t believe in any religion.

Enough of this spiritual shit.

I am about to be a doctor as well.I don’t know if I am going to practice or not, but yeah I will get the license.Some time from now in the past, my only goal was to become a doctor.I got the chance to study medicine by merit.But it seems like my taste changed.My parents are not happy about it.

Anyways, as I said I want to make a lot of money.

I got introduced to the stock market.The stock market seemed fascinating to me.So many people loose a shirt trading in markets.And so many people make a fortune out of it.And it’s so huge and unpredictable.

You can’t make a quick buck in the stock market.Those who are making a quick buck in the markets has put in a lot of effort to learn to trade.It’s not that simple.

The people who lost money in trading are gamblers.They are not traders.

How they lost money?

* Some took fake advisory services.
* Some tried to trade on their own without learning anything.
* Some people never understood the difference between trading and investing.They never knew if they are trading or investing.

So the stock market is a dangerous place for a common man.

It is not that successful people in the stock market were successful from the beginning.They also made the same mistakes that any beginner in the market will do.

So what make them successful?

They never gave up.They took the effort to learn the markets.

I talked with a lot of people from the market.Some say they are down 20 lakh rupees.One of them even asked ‘Is it possible to make money in stock market’. He was living in Saudi Arabia(NRI).He was down 29 lakh rupees.That’s close to the US $50000!!

One thing I found common to them.No one was interested in learning the markets.No one wanted to know what they did wrong.No one wanted to fight back.

Instead, they were asking help from me.

Learning from the people who failed comes in handy.You need to know both the successful as well as the unsuccessful people.

Fortunately, I came to know what is needed for successfully trade and invest in financial markets.

I share all this wisdom with you on this blog of mine.For those who open an account with me, I help them to trade and invest in markets directly.Of course I cannot make any commitment to make a particular percentage of money due to regulatory reasons.

But I promise you to help you with your trades and investments.

Enough of business.

Let’s talk something personal.

I haven’t known about Internet marketing at the start of this website.I was totally blind about the Search Engine Optimization(They are the good set of practices in order to rank high on Google).Fortunately, I came to know about them.

In the process of learning the mistakes that I was making previously, I got enlightened about search engine optimization and internet marketing.

So probably now I can be considered a good internet marketer as well!!

Let’s get more personal.I want you to be my friend through this blog.

I spent my childhood in Jharkhand(a state in India) because my father has to there because of his job.Our family moved into West Bengal in 2004.

Again I moved into Jharkhand to finish my high school from Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyapith,Deoghar.It is a great school by the way.

Then I dropped in for one year to prepare for MBBS entrance exam.Now I am doing my MBBS course.

Frankly speaking, this passion for the stock market has taken a hit on my MBBS studies.But that doesn’t matter to me.I want to make sure that it is worth the effort.

I will try to help every investor and trader out there to help them with my blog.If you want more help from me, you can simply open an account through me.

Money making ideas will be provided free of cost.But please don’t ask me one question’How much return I can expect’.We have regulatory constraints, not to promise any fixed returns.

Markets are always unpredictable.Even the most successful investors and traders fail to predict the market.

So it will be very unwise to expect any fixed returns from markets.

I come to this question very frequently:
Kuntal, I want help from you.But I already have a trading account.And the brokerages charge by them is also very less.

Answer:They are discount brokers.They do not care about your profit or loss.Unlike them, we will tell you which stocks to buy for short term and long term.We will give you short-term trading ideas.Model portfolio recommendation will also be provided quarterly.

We will make sure you get educated about markets, side by side.Investment and trading related books will be suggested to you.

You will be added to a WhatsApp Broadcast Group through which everything will be updated to you in real time in market hours.

All these services are included in your trading account.

Now some might be thinking:
Okay,I will open an account through Kuntal but secretly I will be using my discount brokerage account.Yeah, you might do it.There is no way we will find it out.But please don’t do such a thing.If found, your services will be stopped immediately.

Let’s both earn simultaneously.Looking forward to doing business with you.

Anyways if you are not willing to open an account with us, it’s not a problem.

You can still get free help from the vast resources available on this blog.

So you have taken the pain to read the entire page. Don’t you think you should be rewarded?

Here are some quick tips for a beginner in Stock Market:

* Understand how do you want to participate in the market.Do you want to make money quickly?Or do you have the patience to put in money and wait for a minimum of 5 years?
* Money can be made quickly in the shorter horizon of time by means of trading.A trade can have a different time horizon.It can span for a few minutes to months.For trading successfully learning technical analysis is essential.
* Don’t try to trade in the beginning.Although a lot of money can be made by means of trading, a lot of money can be lost too.
* A lot of money can be made in a longer horizon of time by means of investing in stocks.Here the concept of compounding comes into account.Warren Buffet spent his entire life investing in companies.If he wouldn’t have donated US $31 Billion worth of stocks to charity, he would have been the world’s richest man with no competitors nearby!
* Never take fake advisory services for trading.There are a lot of fake advisory services who will lure you to make a lot of money by telling you trades.There is no way, you will make money with easy shortcuts.
* There is no urgency to act quickly on other’s advice to buy stock. Don’t think that you will miss the opportunity. You might miss the current opportunity but always remember that the market will present you with other new opportunities in future.The market is not going anywhere.It will be there.So before acting impulsively, do your own judgment.Or you might loose your shirt in long run.
* Don’t do what you don’t know.Warren Buffet says ‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing’.Make your own judgment.And if you are not sure what you are doing, it’s probably better not to do it at first place.It will protect you from disasters.
* Don’t see only the profit potential of a trade(Yeah! Don’t get dreamy about it too).See also the loss-making the potential of the trade. Don’t keep on calculating the profits that you might end up with.Don’t get caught up in greed. You might suffer heavy losses if the trade fails.
* If you are an investor, be patient.There is no need to check the price daily.Warren Buffet says even if the exchange closes for the next 5 years, he is not concerned.If you will check the price daily, you will feel to do something.You might sell a stock at a lower price without fully realizing the profits.Every beginner faces this problem and later regret it.

Oh! It’s time to say goodbye.Do you have questions in your mind?Comment below.I will definitely answer it.

Or do you want to question me personally?Fill in the contact form.You can call me too.Not a big deal.

Happy Investing!