Inspiration is the best thing that you need to succeed in any field. So is the case with the stock market. We are listing here some of the movies that will energize you to learn the stock market.So here goes the list of five stock market movies that you should watch to gain inspiration!

  • The Big Short:

If you are planning to get in the stock market, then this is a must watch movie for you.It will inspire you to take risks.Without risk, the reward is not possible anywhere or at least it is the case with the stock market.In the movie, The Big Short everyone seems to be taking risks to the tune that is unimaginable for a common person.

Dr.Michael Burry who had a hedge fund took a big position anticipating that the housing market will crash.His investors were uncomfortable with such a large position and they started withdrawing funds.Dr.Michael Burry stopped all withdrawals by declaring that the market is fraudulent. That is the level of confidence!

Mark Baum who also ran a hedge fund under the umbrella of Morgan Stanley took a large bet against the housing market.Jared Vennett(who was an investment banker at Deutschebank) told Mark Baum about the prospects of marking money from betting against the toxic housing bonds.

Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley ran a small hedge fund from their garage.They also came to know about the trade.But the did not have the resources to do this trade.So they call up their friend Ben Rickert who was a retired investment banker.

But before the market collapsed, it went up!

All of them got tensed and were losing their nerves. They got their rewards when the market collapsed. They pocketed huge amounts of money from this huge short. So don’t forget to watch this thrilling movie if you are a stock market enthusiast.It is an original story!

  • Inside Job:

This movie is about the global financial crisis that happened in 2008.The financial crisis in 2008 was not an accident.It was because of corruption at every level.The corruption was at the level of regulation, politics, and academia which lead to a disaster.

The key people who were involved are interviewed in this documentary.

Stock market enthusiasts should watch this movie.The key things that happened are explained in layman’s words.

The subprime loans were given to anyone for buying houses. Gradually the people who borrowed the loans failed to pay the loans.

The AAA rated bonds collapsed. The rating agencies were also involved in this scam.

America’s biggest insurance company AIG sold ‘Credit default swaps ‘ against the bonds which lead to its bankruptcy which was to be bailed out later.There were other investment banks too who also sold Credit default swaps more than their appetite. Layman Brothers collapsed and it was not bailed out. It leads to a global shock to the stock markets all over the globe!

Just watch this fantastic movie!

  • The Wolf of Wall Street:

This is probably the best movie on Stock market fraud!

Leonardo DiCaprio acted the role of Jordan Belfort.The story is based on a Novel written by Jordan Belfort.And the most interesting thing about it, the story is totally true!

In the movie Jordan Belford manipulated the penny stocks in which they used to earn 50% commissions by selling them.Gradually they started earning millions of dollars per week under the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont.
He participated in pump and dump schemes.Later this was exposed. Jordan Belfort and his friends were convicted by the FBI.
This is a movie which shows the craziness about money.You do need to watch this movie if you are greedy!

  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010):

This is the best drama based on wall street. It features Gordon Gekko who was recently out of jail after serving 8 years for insider trading.

On the other hand, Jacob who proposed Gordon Gekko’s daughter for marriage was trying to raise funds for fusion research which will produce clean energy!

Jacob used to work for  Keller Zabel Investments (KZI) which was a proprietary trader. The stock of Keller Zabel was hammered due to false rumors spread by its rival.

Consequently, it had to be bailed out.But the owner of the company Louis Zabel cannot take the stress and jumps in front of a train.
Jacob came to know about the truth of his mentor’s death through Gekko. In return, he promises to reunite him with his daughter Winnie.
But Gekko had something else in mind!
Go watch this movie if you are a stock market enthusiast. It is a beautiful drama based on the wall street types.

  • Trading Places:

This movie is one of the classics. Here two brothers who used to own a brokerage firm based to commodities decides to trade their employee’s position with a beggar. This was a part of the bet between them.

One said that anyone from any background can do their employee’s work, other refused the same.

So they traded his employee’s position with that of a beggar.

What happens next is hilarious.It is by far the based comedy based on financial markets.

As it is a classic it is a must watch for those who are enthusiastic about financial markets.

If you liked any other stock market movie comment below.

5 Stock Market movies that you must watch
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5 Stock Market movies that you must watch
Find five stock market movies that you must watch.1.The Big Short,2.Inside Job,3.The Wolf of Wall Street,4.Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
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