Do you know how to measure the valuation of a company?

We know that for making money in stocks, it is essential to measure the valuation of the company. But the question that arises is we talk about valuations all the time, but how to measure it? In this post, I… Continue Reading →

How to make money investing when everything is uncertain

I was reading a poem of Tom Zart about uncertainty, doubt and fear recently. Impressed by it I am sharing with you. Along with fear there’s always doubt and uncertainty Of whom or what we should follow and believe. The… Continue Reading →

13 Books that you must read before Investing in Stock Market

If you want to make money in the stock market then you must read. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet spends 80% of his time reading books. He says: Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works…. Continue Reading →

Where to invest money in India for maximum returns

You managed to save money. Now you want to invest that money to make more money for you. I will tell you some of the good investment options which are available to you.An investment is considered good only when it… Continue Reading →

Blogs on Indian stock market analysis-Get list

Looking for Blogs on Indian stock market analysis.Then you are in right place! Follow these 5 blogs to successfully invest in Indian Stock Market. Safal Niveshak This blog is run by the duo Vishal Khandelwal and Anshul Khare. They have a pretty… Continue Reading →

Nifty 50 companies share price today-Get Quote

Demonetization & Capital gain tax: What the heck is Modi doing?

Demonetization and then now hinting on higher tax rates on Long-term capital gains.What the heck is PM Narendra Modi doing? In the present situation, it is legitimate to ask these questions as these will take the stock market very down…. Continue Reading →

5 Stock Market movies that you must watch

Inspiration is the best thing that you need to succeed in any field. So is the case with the stock market. We are listing here some of the movies that will energize you to learn the stock market.So here goes… Continue Reading →

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio Holdings-January 2017

Note-Portfolio holdings of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is mentioned later.Those who are looking for only Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio can skip and go to the last portion. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is known as the Warren Buffet for Indian Stock market.Though there is a lot… Continue Reading →

Shrenuj New Update

As you may know that we suggested Shrenuj as good but risky investment in our blog.There is an update for those who had taken our suggestion.We had already said that the company had a good chance from recovering from its… Continue Reading →

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