Trading picks

Saksoft is near breakout level.Take positions after valid breakout.Keep the stop loss at support level.Support at 210-215. Nitco forming rounding bottom.Take positions after valid breakout.Breakout level 73 to 75 for long term.In case of rounding bottom the minimum target is… Continue Reading →

Positional Picks

Aurobindo Pharma is at breakout point.Look for valid breakout to take position.After breakout stock can give huge movement. Glenmark Pharma was also close to breakout on weekly charts yesterday. Read Disclaimer before investing.

Positional Picks

Coal India is close to the breakout point on charts.Take positions at breakout. South Indian Bank limited is also close to breakout. Take positions at breakout. Arvind limited is close to breakout.Take positions at breakout. Munjal Showa Add in dips… Continue Reading →

Positional Picks

Positional trading picks: Bharat forge has formed pole and flag.The stock can test 930 plus levels.The support is at 860 to 835.Keep the stop loss there. Vedanta at breakout point.If it breaks out, then Vedanta can test up to 200… Continue Reading →

Infosys Share price target and chart analysis

Infosys is one of the index heavy weights. It is falling since the last 3 months.In the current fall, it has broken longer termĀ  trend-line joining lows of 546 (April 2013) and 720 (May 2014) & 932(July 2015).It has also… Continue Reading →

Airtel retaliates on Reliance Jio

With Reliance Jio Preview offer gaining outrageous popularity the country’s largest telecom company Airtel faces a tough competition. In a bid to maintain its existing customer base Airtel has launched its ” Mega Saver Packs “. These packs come in… Continue Reading →

How to invest in stocks for dummies

So you are among those who want to invest in stocks but clueless of where to begin ya? You probably searched a lot but ended up with results which are align to you right? They seemed to be more advanced… Continue Reading →

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